Friday, 27 April 2012

Old dog, new tricks! Learning to crochet

Well, for some completely obscure reason, I decided a couple of months back that learning to crochet was a good idea. I suppose that is what Grandmas do anyway, isn't it? So I bought a set of crochet hooks and some wool, and tried to follow the instructions for a 'Granny Square' in a book I had.

So this is my first square - well, more like bunting! I had a friend round for supper when this was taken and we couldn't stop laughing!

So, not to be discouraged, I tried again, and again. Every 'square' turned out round! Ha ha ha! Then, on the advice of a dear friend, I looked at a crochet tutorial on you tube, which resulted in this...ermmmm......well.. ..not round, but not square!!!

I belong to a lovely forum on a website: and one member suggested another crochet tutorial, which actually just hit the spot! Ta da!!!

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