Saturday, 13 October 2012

A very strange day indeed!

Life has been somewhat full on over the last couple of weeks, culminating in an extremely challenging evening last night, so this morning, when I woke up, I decided  to cheer myself up by treating myself to a couple more chickens. Now most of my 6 chickens are rescues of some sort, either end of lay free range girls, or ex battery hens. They are also all knocking on a bit, and as most of my chooks seem to be heading for the 'henopause'  egg laying has become a rather hit and miss affair recently!

Firstly I had to decide whether to go to a poultry seller with many different varieties of chickens (mmm - tempting!) or whether to go locally for the much cheaper option. I decided to discuss it with my daughter, but it was a bit early, so thought I would wait an hour or two. So I walked the dog and popped into the farm shop over the road for some veg. I was 11p short, but as I work in their garden centre during the summer and they know me, they said I could drop it in later.

I contacted my daughter to see if she would come chicken buying with me, and we opted for the local option, and she and her partner picked me up. They wanted to visit the farm shop on the way, and I said I wanted to pay the  owed 11p so went in with them. That was when it all went a bit weird!

I came out with a new part time job. As a pie maker.

Hahahahahahahaha! How random was that?

We than went to buy the chickens, which I was treated to, and so I would like to introduce you to them. Meet Pudding and Pie!

What a strange day this has been. I have to keep reminding myself I am now a pie maker!!!

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