Friday, 25 May 2012

An eggy dilemma!

Isn't that typical? When the egg rack fell off the nail it is balanced on a few months back and smashed 2 dozen eggs, within minutes, someone had popped round wanting eggs!

Well, as absolutely no-one in the universe seems to want eggs at the moment, my chickens have gone into laying hyperdrive! I am getting 4-5 eggs a day from my coop of 6, mainly elderly chickens, which include  2 ex battery ladies, Wallace and Grommit, and 2 ex free range - Purple Myrtle and Nora. The other two - Jake and Ellwood, are skyline hybrids named after the blues brothers, as when I got them, they had an 80% chance of laying a blue/green egg. As it happens, I was very lucky as one laid olive and one sky blue eggs. Sadly the blue eggs keep getting broken at the moment as the shells are very thin due to their age.

Anyway, back on topic - the bottom line is that I have loads of eggs. So I decided to pop some by the road to sell like I did last year. Well, this led to several slight problems.

1) Where are the egg boxes?
2) Where are the 'Eggs for sale' signs?
3) Where is the egg money jam jar?
4) Where is the crate I used to put the eggs for sale in?

It has taken a couple of weeks of vague looking/thinking/deciding.....but today I really did all three. I thought I had too many eggs, then decided that 4 dozen eggs was really excessive for just me (I use perhaps 1 doz a month!), so I decided to properly look for all the missing items.

I found a broken blackboard, but am not convinced this is what I used last year. Anyway, I used a  black permanent marker on the back to say 'Fresh eggs' - that will do nicely!

What is more impressive was that I found the crate thing that I used for selling eggs last year, under the bed. Not only did I find that, but inside it was also the money jar and the 12 or so glasses with chickens on, which I mislaid months ago and have hunted for on several occasions. Yippeeee!!!

Although I only had 3 scrounged egg boxes to use, I popped them out at the roadside. The end result was that I was reasonably pleased with my little sales area but sadly, nothing sold today.

I am hoping the weekend will see some sales although I wish I could ask them to buy the eggs but leave the egg boxes!!!!


  1. But you found your chicken glasses!! Hooray!!

  2. Indeed I did!!! It was like Christmas all over again!