Monday, 28 May 2012

Eggy update

I popped the eggs and the 'eggs for sale' boards out again on Saturday before I went to work, but when I returned home, nothing. When I returned from taking Bailey out....nothing again. I was really beginning to wonder what I was doing wrong.

Then, a couple of hours later, I was looking out of the bedroom window....was it.?....had they??? YES!!! they had ALL gone!! Yippeeeeeeee! I know it is only a small thing, but it was £3 towards chicken food and bedding. Also I had sold a dozen to my lovely neighbour, so another £2, although, if I am totally honest, 'sold' is rather a misnomer, more like 'insisted'! Ha ha ha!

I still had a few surplus eggs, so decided to have a really good search for the egg boxes which I was sure I had secreted somewhere. Rummaging under the stairs I felt cardboard. Yes! Cardboard with egg holes! So I tugged, but the egg boxes tore in half, leaving the lids behind.

So, still on a high from the morning's success, I put another 2 lidless boxes (called 'trays' in the trade!) out for sale on the road.

An hour or so later, a friend was due to arrive to take me out for the afternoon as a belated birthday treat. I was convinced she wouldn't see my eggs and just drive into them, so moved them slightly for safety. She arrived and off we went for a brilliant afternoon out.

On our return home, one of the boxes was empty on the floor, no eggs anywhere. The other one had 3 broken eggs and 3 whole eggs left in it. Arrrghhh - very frustrating!!!  I have been trying to convince myself that as they were in only egg trays rather than covered boxes, it must have been crows, possibly as it is less upsetting than the idea of some idiots stealing and breaking my eggs. They take such a lot of both my chooks and my own efforts and I only ask £1 for 6 eggs, which is so reasonable anyway.

I had such a lovely time out with my friend, that I completely refuse to let this upset me too much or put me off selling eggs at the gate again when I have a surplus. Onwards and upwards!!

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