Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Numpty Dumpty!

Had a bit of an accident prone few days really!

Firstly, a friend took me out for a drink and a meal at the pub where my son works. It was an absolutely glorious day and a stunning setting, so we sat in the garden . The chef wasn't due in for an hour and a half, so we were quite happy, sitting in the warm sunshine, chatting and sipping!

Well, when it was time to order, we decided to go and look at the 'specials' board inside, and as I got up I managed to trip over a small wall, scraping and grazing my leg and shin! Duh....how embarrassing, having first aid in the bar (good job my son had gone home by then!!!). I hadn't even had much to drink either!

Then the next morning, was out for a walk with Bailey and a tree had blown down across the path we take. I did my usual 'grab a large handful of ivy to pull myself over with' routine, but it snapped, and I fell backwards over the tree, scraping and grazing the back of my other leg! At least I now know what Bailey would do if I had a serious fall while out walking her. She would jump all over me. Hahahahahahaha!

So today went to work with the front of one leg and the back of the other grazed! Not a good look really.

Then this afternoon picked my little grandaughter up from school and took her to her ballet class. As we turned into the lane, we were behind another car, which  reversed into the entrance of the dance school car park. As I continued down the road to park, BANG! Her car rolled forward into the side of my car! She wasn't thrilled as her bumper was smashed. Luckily, my car seems fine.

So that's three things. According to the rules, that's it then now, isn't it?

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