Thursday, 21 June 2012

Last of the summer wine...and beer....

A few of us went up onto the hill to celebrate the summer solstice last night - 5 of us in fact this year. Wandering down the lane carrying coats and quite heavy bags containing everything except the kitchen sink in the warm early evening sunshine, it occurred to me we looked just like a scene out of  'Last of the summer wine'. Coming to think of it, it was only a couple of weeks ago that a friend described my home as like 'Auntie Wainwright's' - I can see a common theme developing here!

We walked through the farm and started up the hill, before we stopped to wait for a latecomer who we could see in the distance. I think everyone was grateful for the rest, as there was certainly a lot of huffing and puffing going on!

We all got going again and proceeded to climb the hill, which was steep in places, collecting a little kindling on the way. When we found a suitable place, we spread out our various blankets, lit the BBQ and enjoyed a balmy evening watching the sun go down, and enjoying the most fabulous views, with food, wine, beer and friends. Oh yes, and glowworms!

I had never seen a glowworm before and was completely entranced by them. Apparently, they go out when they have found a mate. Actually, having just written that, in the cold light of day I am not sure how true that is, although it seemed perfectly plausible last night after half a bottle of wine!

11.09pm was the exact time we had been waiting for, after which we packed everything up and proceeded back down the hill in the pitch black. We did have torches though, but it still wasn't easy. At least I didn't fall into a bush like I did last year!

Got home to bed tired, but happy.

The nights are now drawing in . It will soon be Christmas. EEEEEK!

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  1. Lovely. Idyllic even. Better than my attempt to get up the hills this morning for sunrise.