Saturday, 31 August 2013


Well, tomorrow is my last morning watering at the garden centre until March, so I thought I had better let you know that at 10am tomorrow, summer 2013 is officially over!  I will really miss arriving at work at stupid o'clock, as I would never usually get up so early, but just look at what is waiting to greet me......

I have Robbie the robin who chats with me every morning and follows me round while I water! Oooooh - and just look at the amazing view I have while I am working....


I am truly sad the season has ended, but hasn't it been great?  A proper summer - I know we waited a long time for it, but oh, worth every minute! The gentle warmth of the early mornings, promising heavenly blue skies and hot sunshine by midday, then winding down into comforting, balmy evenings under star studded midnight blue skies. Mmmmmmmm, heavenly!

All too soon it will be chilly mornings, heavy dew on the cobwebs, golden leaves and the delicious smell of distant bonfire smoke, swiftly followed by short days, cozy fires and regular visits from Jack frost.

Then the early snowdrops valiantly defying snow, rain and winds.........daffodils........ Spring.......and back to watering again...... !!!

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