Friday, 4 October 2013

My Big Fat Greek Cushion!

Since I last posted, I have had the most wonderful holiday in Greece. I have been to the same place 7 times now, and have got to know many of the people in the village, which is so lovely, It is like going to visit my Greek family every time I return.

The view from the hotel is sensational - across the ocean to Zante on one side and mountains on the other.


The colours of Greece are just wonderful -  so many shades of blue.....

 ...and of course the sensation yellows of sunshine

Before I left home, I made sure I packed all the essentials!!! I wanted to use the colours of Greece to make some bunting, but eventually decided that a good project for my holiday would be to attempt, for the first time, a round cushion..

So at siesta time every day, I couldn't wait to pick up my hook and create!!! However, it all went a bit wibbly!

For some reason I thought if I carried on it would right itself........wrong!!! In fact it got worse and worse. So eventually I stopped and made some bunting and beer mats. That was real therapy as it turned out as it should!

When I got home, I didn't really know what to do with my wibbly wobbly cushion cover front, then decided the only thing to do was to remove the green edging (which represented olive trees) and make a back to match, which I did. It was still wildly wavy! So today I blocked it, but didn't do an amazing job - I need a proper foam mat and blocking pins really.

Anyway, popped out and bought a 14" cushion pad (even though the case was only 12"), came home, popped it in and sewed it up.

Here is the end Big Fat Greek Cushion, TAAA DAHHHHH!!!

Hardly perfect, and more octagonal than round, but I am still rather pleased with it as in the cold chill of winter, it will certainly bring the essence of Greek sunshine into my world!

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